Tea house in San Juan Capistrano, Southern California

Do you remember the poem we learnt in kindergarten-

I am a little tea pot, short and stout,

This is my handle and this is my spout!

This beautiful little restaurant in San Juan Capistrano deserves its own blog.

Reservations and availability

I was introduced to this place on Mother’s Day . Tia made reservations at least , a couple of months in advance through OpenTable in 2021 (COVID was still very real) . I was thinking that she had book so far ahead since it’s Mother’s Day. It turns out that the place is busy all times of the year. Also , it closes by 5pm on weekends and weekdays. So there is a waitlist of a waitlist.

Mother’s Day prop on the wall with real flowers

Location and ambience

Located in a quiet beach town in San Juan Capistrano , this restaurant exudes old world charm. You feel you have gone back and time passes a little slower than usual.

The entrance

The entrance is a white picket fence and it takes you up a few stairs with a nice trellis. Perfect Kodak moment.

Gal pals

The decor

The decor is that of a perfect doll house- the one that all of us girls would have ever imagined as a kid. Everything is so small and delicate, I did feel like a bull in a china shop, literally.

Little tea cups- the mad hatter party;)
Right opposite the hostess desk, these items are on display- not sure if they can be bought.

The ‘tea’ experience

The ‘storm’ in a tea cup

The menu is all about the ‘Tea ‘ experience- 3 courses or events, I must say. The first is to pick your own tea from about 45 flavors, with a warm scone. Next course- an assortment of finger sandwiches and the last course is the dessert. The ‘Tea’ experiences start at about 37 dollars per person and are well worth it.

The showstopper- tea

It was really nerve wrecking – when it’s hard to decide which one to have out of the 45 flavors. They all sounded good, mine was their house vanilla tea , with a dash of milk. Could absolutely taste the vanilla in the tea. Loved it.

The tea and the scones (baked fresh in their kitchen) come hand in hand, like buddies. The scones are not for the faint of heart, will recommend having a bit and packing the rest to have with coffee next morning.

Finger sandwiches

Second course- the small but mightly sanwiches. Packed with flavor, they were 6 types.Don’t be deceived by the size. We got through about 2 or 3 and packed the rest.

By now, we had a nice sized take-home bag filled with the goodies; but, we were not done yet. They saved the best for last- homemade chocolate cake. Since we were celebrating a birthday, the got us a little candle. All the items were tastefully decorated and well laid out.

The extra..

We were very impressed by the personal touch- a handwritten birthday note from our lady-in-waiting. Our birthday girl also got a small sample to take home -enough for brewing a pot. Isnt that nice:)


It was a wonderful ‘tea’ experience. Since my first visit, I have been there with many sets of friends and we have never been disappointed. I recommend this place highly. its not just for girls, the guys like it too. For them, the restaurant caters to their palate with a-la-carte menu items like salads and seafood. However, the ‘tea’ experience is well worth the penny.

Happy sipping….

11 responses to “Tea house in San Juan Capistrano, Southern California”

  1. What a perfect experience for someone who loves tea and everything that goes with it. Loved the detailing. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Chumki, you make me want to go there!!!! It’s ALL of my favorite things!!! Love the pics and the description of each course! I’m there already!!!! Definitely one of my favorite blogposts!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautifully penned, detailing the minutest of the details of this whimsical place. You have introduced me to this place and I was blown away by the “elegant simplicity” and the warmth with which we were taken care off, not to forget their eclectic menu .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautifully penned. So very detailed yet crisp writing. Love the flow. Loved this place it’s eclectic menu, the decor and the ambience. Would highly recommend a visit to this fairy tale place.

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  5. Monalisa Dasgupta Avatar
    Monalisa Dasgupta

    Very nicely penned down Chumki! Loved reading it and memorizing when we were there, having fun, sipping hot Darjeeling tea with freshly backed scone! Thank you for introducing me that place. Totally love that cute boutique tea shop ! Your detailed writing is now giving me total craving for that hot scone with their hot cup of freshly brewed tea 😅☕️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very light -hearted reading..reminds me of Alice in Wonderland..let’s go check it out soon!!!

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  7. Very well written Chumki. I love this place. What a great find it is!
    It reminds me of home.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You took a bunch of gals including me to celebrate a birthday! Reading your blog brought back memories from our moments there. You describe the tea house with a lovely delicate flavor and a sweet charm!

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  9. Loved reading your blog Chumki. The place looks very cute and quaint. Enjoyed reading about your delightful and delicious High Tea Experience . Looking forward to visit the place some day.

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  10. I like very much ur flow of writing. So smooth and informative. The photographs also talk about the theme. Nice keep it up.

    Next time, when u will be at Kol, we will go to a roadside tea stall, বাঁশের বেঞ্চের উপর পা তুলে বসে – ধোঁয়া ওঠা মাটির ভাঁড়ে চা আর লেড়ে বিস্কুট খাবো। তুই ঐ চা খাওয়া টা নিয়ে ও একটু লিখিস তারপর

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  11. The place is quaint and charming and the experience is lovely.
    Loved your write up . I love that place .
    Keep writing Chumki. It’s fun reading them…

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