Grecian diaries

As we tip our hats to the great blue Aegean and embark on our journey back home, we are richer with memories and lighter on the wallets(very light:). When we go to a new place, our mind absorbs like a whirlwind and , while we soak in the information at that moment, we always feel that we will think about them later. Some musings from our Grecian trip…

The Greek Gods

Being from another ancient civilization, my fascination with Gods and Godesses goes back to my childhood. Zeus,Venus, Athena were household names and their myths were legendary. Unlike in India,where Hinduism is still actively practiced, the original Greek religion ( Hellenism) is not mainstream. In the current day , most of the country follows the Greek Orthodox Church.

It’s raining cats in Greece. In fact , Santorini is called the island of the cats and they blend in perfectly with the landscape. Did some research and found out- the feline population is very high because of lack of spaying and neutering didn’t happen again in the past.
The donkey- a revered animal in the islands. From the oldest times, these sincere animals were used for transporting everything in the hilly terrains. We saw some well dressed ones in Santorini and , in fact, the central market place of Fira has a statue of ‘Marcos/ the donkey.
Clear instructions from Marcos- for photo op only in Fhira market place. There are donkey beers, lotions, restaurants.. almost like a mascot for the Country
Vine o vino…

In Santorini, I noticed that there were these circular shrubs all over the volcanic land. Some were planted in an organized fashion while some were planted in front of a house in a garden. When I asked our tour guide, she mentioned that these are the famous Santorini grapes that are used for making wine. The ‘shrubs’ are grape vines organized in a circular fashion at the ground level for 2 reasons- 1. To protect the vines against the harsh winds 2. To lock in the moisture on the volcanic soil. Almost all vineyards grow vines in this traditional way, with the exception of one or two that use the modern overhead irrigation systems.

When I first came to our Airbnb, I felt I have been here before. As I processed later and noticed the surroundings, I realized they remind me of Delhi. This is a light fixture, almost an exact one exists in our house inDelhi
So familiar… the clothing line, the colorful towels and the shape of the tiles. For the purposes of journaling, I have only added a couple but I was bombarded with familiar objects and my mind was whirling …
Coming to the food- Greek name – shrimp saganaki. Bengali chingri in tomato curry. The only difference was the feta cheese . I was really really missing my rice to go to with this.
And finally, to the king of resemblances, Greek name- fava beans, Bengali name- musoor dal with onion and lebu. This great comfort food may have left from India or may have come to India in the trade route along with saffron and other spices. At this time, it didn’t matter – the chicken or the egg, what mattered was the familiarity and comfort of the ‘comfort’ food in an unfamiliar country, so far away from home and yet so near.

The moment that sums it all….

I think this blog would be incomplete without this view. The white and blue in the morning is met with the lights – golden and blue at night. It looks like the whole town is lit up with candles, softly glowing , swaying and dancing to the tides of the Aegean Sea.

This is our ‘Kodak’ moment as we bid adieu to the Great blue Aegean…. Till we meet again!

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18 responses to “Grecian diaries”

  1. Enjoyed going through this… a little sojourn for me through your pics! Can’t wait to hear about your other adventures💕

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  2. Photos are amazing, just beyond my words. I don’t have such vocabulary to appreciate the pictures… It’s marvelous

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  3. Superb, classy and humorous blog… literally beachy and exciting to taste buds

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  4. Those musings are delicious food for thought! Excellent pics that enhance your well written travel story. Waiting eagerly for the next one💕

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  5. Very well written blog!! Took me on a Grecian adventure from the comforts of my bedroom. Loved your attention to details , humor and some amazing picture .looking forward for you next adventure.

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  6. Chumki …… thoroughly enjoying your travel blog….. starting with Greece was a fabulous idea! I am always a fan of your writings ( you amazed me with your beautiful pictures as well!) and I must say you have a nice sense of humor. Keep writing and next time plan for traveling together! I will be your designated photographer 😃. Best wishes for your newly-launched travel blog 🌷

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  7. Chumki enjoyed reading your travel musings… took me back to our family trip to Santorini years ago. Loved your observation to details and your artistic vision captured by your absolutely beautiful pics.
    Keep traveling and keep writing💕

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  8. Very nicely written with beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! 🌞

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  9. Looking forward to more of your posts! Greece is such an amazing place!! Lori

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  10. Loved your smooth flow of writing. The photos did justice to your descriptions. Keep writing. Good luck.

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  11. Seems like you had a fantastic trip in Greece! I would love to discover Santorini one day too!


  12. Very nice! Very colorful and lively


  13. Sudeshna Halder Avatar
    Sudeshna Halder

    Beautifully written and very informative dear as it’s in my bucket list too. Loved going through the videos and pics.

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  14. Really enjoyed reading and loved the writing style. This pictures are great too. Very tempted to visit!!

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  15. Loved your first post! Especially the views and the food 🙂

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