Grecian diaries

Land and sea- let’s see Santorini

Day 3- Land – took a local bus to join my day trip with a sightseeing company at Fira ( a neighboring town to Oia). Loved taking the local bus from Oia to Fira, it’s comfortable, cheap and makes me feel like a local.
First stop on the tour- Prophet Ellias monastery- dating back to the 1700. It’s the at the highest point in the island with a 360 view of Santorini. This is an active monastery, monks live and pray there and also make wine. Monasteries were created as high as possible, so that earthquakes or natural disasters have minimized effect of damage.
The pews date back to 1700.

Next stop -Akrotiri archeological site- a Bronze Age settlement in the BC .

Whenever, I visit these places, I begin to day dream what happened centuries ago within these rocks and stone. A family living together, eating dinner on the table, drinking wine. Always makes me wonder if our lives will be reimagined centuries later in an archeological site. The circle of life goes on…

A meticulously planned town, with advanced sanitation systems, 3 stories houses and a town center

The remnants of the past- pots. Makes me wonder what artifact will represent our civilization . My best guess- Smartphone;) . What’s yours?
While I took the land, the father and daughter explored the sea in a catamaran – the fun part. The duo took a catamaran that went all around the caldera. They were treated to blue skies, blue seas and a sumptuous Greek bbq freshly made on the catamaran.
Water, water everywhere-the other water baby….lots of snorkeling, a dip in the sea and visiting the different beaches
Could there be anything more relaxing than being in the ocean with a glass of Santorini wine? For wine lovers, Santorini has a number of wineries. Interesting fact- wine is made not just in the winery but also in peoples homes.
let’s catch up with some Greeky stuff- kebabs, kid goat, fresh fish and mousaka
My gastronomical find of the day- fried feta with honey and sesame. Doesn’t sound right, but tastes heavenly

And then, the sun always sets…..

At the end of the day, the sun always sets. However, there is something about the Santorini sunset that I cannot express in words. For an hour around the sunset, thousands of ppl crowd the narrow streets. It’s the sheer number of ppl in those tiny winding by lanes that itself lends to the experience
When the sun meets the sea…the grand finale, every day , yet , eternal.
On our last day at Santorini, our ‘kala chashma’ moment with the Aegean blue.

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18 responses to “Grecian diaries”

  1. Enjoyed going through this… a little sojourn for me through your pics! Can’t wait to hear about your other adventures💕

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  2. Photos are amazing, just beyond my words. I don’t have such vocabulary to appreciate the pictures… It’s marvelous

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  3. Superb, classy and humorous blog… literally beachy and exciting to taste buds

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  4. Those musings are delicious food for thought! Excellent pics that enhance your well written travel story. Waiting eagerly for the next one💕

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  5. Very well written blog!! Took me on a Grecian adventure from the comforts of my bedroom. Loved your attention to details , humor and some amazing picture .looking forward for you next adventure.

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  6. Chumki …… thoroughly enjoying your travel blog….. starting with Greece was a fabulous idea! I am always a fan of your writings ( you amazed me with your beautiful pictures as well!) and I must say you have a nice sense of humor. Keep writing and next time plan for traveling together! I will be your designated photographer 😃. Best wishes for your newly-launched travel blog 🌷

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  7. Chumki enjoyed reading your travel musings… took me back to our family trip to Santorini years ago. Loved your observation to details and your artistic vision captured by your absolutely beautiful pics.
    Keep traveling and keep writing💕

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  8. Very nicely written with beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! 🌞

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  9. Looking forward to more of your posts! Greece is such an amazing place!! Lori

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  10. Loved your smooth flow of writing. The photos did justice to your descriptions. Keep writing. Good luck.

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  11. Seems like you had a fantastic trip in Greece! I would love to discover Santorini one day too!


  12. Very nice! Very colorful and lively


  13. Sudeshna Halder Avatar
    Sudeshna Halder

    Beautifully written and very informative dear as it’s in my bucket list too. Loved going through the videos and pics.

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  14. Really enjoyed reading and loved the writing style. This pictures are great too. Very tempted to visit!!

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  15. Loved your first post! Especially the views and the food 🙂

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