Grecian diaries

We arranged for the private tour full day tour of Athens. Our guide was also our driver. He was punctual, knowledgeable and worked with us on what we wanted to see. This trip covers the main tourist spots in Athens. The driver also has front of the line passes that we bought from him for ( 30 euros per person) so we could bypass the lines at all major attractions

Our first stop – Parthenon. She stands majestic and tall, chipped but not broken, a silent witness to the rise and fall of many a civilization
The beautiful ladies- need I say more….
Theater-built in AD- in Acropolis. Home to legendary Greek plays through the centuries. It’s acoustics are amazing. In those days, there were no microphones or fancy sound equipment. The stadium was acoustically designed to minimize noise so that the actors could be heard loud and clear. Capacity- 4600
Second stop- Augora temple. The temple of democracy- the temple stands tall , unaware of the time that passed by since Socrates and Plato walked the halls. One of the few places that have stayed true to the original form and was not scathed by multiple invasions. These original pillars are a silent witness to Socrates teaching his pupils about this juvenile concept of democracy. Was absolutely surreal, to be on the same soil since BC.
The halls opposite the temple, which was a meeting place of Grecians . Recreated to its original glory. Wonder what the pillars heard as they stood there silent, motionless but listening…
A day in a life of a Grecian- from Socrates to the fish market-My husband’s absolute favorite- stirred the memories of Kolkata, India where we have a passion for buying fresh ‘phish’. This was 10 minutes away from Augora. It’s an unusual tourist spot, but we’ll worth the visit if you are a seafood lover and want to feel the city
Of course, there is octopus …

We drove past the Olympic stadium, the town hall and a few more attractions. Our next stop- the Acropolis museum

The museum houses the most number of artifacts that have been restored/retrieved from Parthenon. If you are a history buff, it’s a must see; otherwise it can be skipped

Our last and final stop- the Plaka. It’s the bustling city center- the heart of Athens. Lots of alleys and byways you can get lost in. Cobbled streets, coffee shops, souvenirs…

Santorini-50 shades of blue

Santorini has been on our bucket list for as long as I can remember . We were there for 3 days and each day is bringing a different hue of blue.

We took a flight out of Athens, a really short one and there are multiple flights a day.

Santorini has a number of small towns- the most popular one being Oia- the home of the big blue dome

The iconic blue dome – the town of Oia
Day 1 – panorama. The blue sky, the white wall, the blue dome and the white trellis

When in Oia, do as Oians do.

We booked our Cycladic home through Air BNB. These homes are mostly studios of different sizes. The architecture is called-Cycladic- it’s really a harmonious mix of white cubic houses, cobblestone streets, pristine windmills, and ubiquitous blue-domed churches.

Our ‘cave’, was one of the rare ones with a peach color facade instead of white
The beer and the blue
A cave with a view- Is it sunset is or a moonlit night…take a guess
Day 2- My husband and my daughter Tia went on the most beautiful hike in Santorini along the caldera rim. This 6.5 mile hike takes about 2-3 hours and starts at the Fira town and ends at Oia. This trail is a mix of dirt road, pebbled roads and a trail. The pictures don’t do justice to the views.
Day 2- End of the trail- the most deserving treat

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  1. Enjoyed going through this… a little sojourn for me through your pics! Can’t wait to hear about your other adventures💕

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  2. Photos are amazing, just beyond my words. I don’t have such vocabulary to appreciate the pictures… It’s marvelous

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  3. Superb, classy and humorous blog… literally beachy and exciting to taste buds

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  4. Those musings are delicious food for thought! Excellent pics that enhance your well written travel story. Waiting eagerly for the next one💕

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  5. Very well written blog!! Took me on a Grecian adventure from the comforts of my bedroom. Loved your attention to details , humor and some amazing picture .looking forward for you next adventure.

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  6. Chumki …… thoroughly enjoying your travel blog….. starting with Greece was a fabulous idea! I am always a fan of your writings ( you amazed me with your beautiful pictures as well!) and I must say you have a nice sense of humor. Keep writing and next time plan for traveling together! I will be your designated photographer 😃. Best wishes for your newly-launched travel blog 🌷

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  7. Chumki enjoyed reading your travel musings… took me back to our family trip to Santorini years ago. Loved your observation to details and your artistic vision captured by your absolutely beautiful pics.
    Keep traveling and keep writing💕

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  8. Very nicely written with beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! 🌞

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  9. Looking forward to more of your posts! Greece is such an amazing place!! Lori

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  10. Loved your smooth flow of writing. The photos did justice to your descriptions. Keep writing. Good luck.

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  11. Seems like you had a fantastic trip in Greece! I would love to discover Santorini one day too!


  12. Very nice! Very colorful and lively


  13. Sudeshna Halder Avatar
    Sudeshna Halder

    Beautifully written and very informative dear as it’s in my bucket list too. Loved going through the videos and pics.

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  14. Really enjoyed reading and loved the writing style. This pictures are great too. Very tempted to visit!!

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  15. Loved your first post! Especially the views and the food 🙂

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